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Café 104 supports persons who are officially termed illegal immigrants, which means, persons without official permits to reside in Germany. Usually such persons have few enforceable rights, no medical insurance and are under the constant threat of deportation.

Medical and social help
Illegal immigrants have no access to public health services and are frequently unable to pay for private treatment. For this reason, a primary function of Café 104 is to provide access to medical services. There is a pool of professional doctors (gynecologists, dentists, psychotherapists, midwifes, etc.) providing treatment without charge and anonymous to those in need. Another important function is to provide counselling about the many other critical challenges faced by illegal immigrants and to help them obtain legal residency, using referrals to other service providers as needed. Since September 2006, Café 104 and Ärzte der Welt have collaborated to provide professional medical services to illegal and uninsured immigrants.

All those involved are working free of charge, voluntarily, anonymously and independently.

Café 104 is a member of Bayerischer Flüchtlingsrat.

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